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Here at Spire Windows, we provide outstanding secondary glazing to upgrade homes in Louth, Lincoln, Scunthrope, Doncaster, Grimsby and other surrounding areas. With an extensive range of styles and colours available, as well as a 10-year comprehensive guarantee, Spire Windows are the perfect choice to install secondary glazing to your home. Contact our friendly team today for a quote!

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Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is a method of improving the insulation, soundproofing, and security of windows by adding an extra layer of glazing to the existing window frame. Unlike double or triple glazing, which involves replacing the entire window unit, secondary glazing is installed internally and involves fitting a separate pane of glass to the inside of the existing window frame.

Thermally Efficient

Secondary glazing creates an additional layer of insulation, reducing heat being lost to the outdoors and instead trapping it in your home. This results in improved energy efficiency, reducing your reliance on central heating to keep you warm. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, it can also save you considerable amounts of money over time.

Reduced Noise

From a sound insulation perspective, secondary glazing offers the most effective levels of noise reduction on today’s market, significantly enhancing a single glazed frame. Our bespoke secondary glazing is manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery to lock-in a tightly sealed frame which reduces noise levels by up to 80%!

Increased Security

If security is your priority, secondary glazing offers a unique, additional deterrent to any would-be intruders. Secondary glazing is incredibly difficult to open from the outside and creates a further layer of defence against forced entry. Our frames are made from only the most durable, high-quality aluminium and are securely fixed to resist forcing.

Attractive Designs

The sleek, modern design of our secondary glazing systems ensures that you’re able to enjoy all the acoustic, thermal and security benefits, without having to compromise on style. In a range of styles, colours and with a 10-year comprehensive guarantee, we’re confident our range of secondary glazing will sympathetically upgrade any property.

No More Draughts

If draughty windows are of bigger concern for your property, secondary glazing adds an extra layer of defence to guard your home against heat loss. The small gap between your existing window and the secondary unit effectively acts as an insulator, creating a separate layer of air between the two which can reduce heat loss by up to 65%.

Premium Secondary Glazing

Homeowners choose secondary glazed windows because it’s quiet, warm, secure and/or because certain property covenants do not permit the installation of uPVC replacement windows. These features and factors are the bedrock of our bespoke secondary glazing system and are the reason why so many homeowners are adopting this method of thermal, acoustic and security glazing upgrade.

Top Quality Materials


Stylish & Durable

With premium secondary glazing products supplied by Granada and expertly fitted by us at Spire Windows, your new windows promise outstanding performance for the long run. The slim, discreet and stylish designs provide a stunning aesthetic that can modernise your home and be admired by residents and visitors alike. We have a wide range of styles and colours, and our secondary glazing even comes with a 10-year comprehensive guarantee!

Why Choose Spire Windows?

Here at Spire Windows, we have over forty years of experience in the home improvement industry and have the expertise required to bring your vision to life. A family business based in Louth, Lincolnshire, we’re the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable home improvement project partner. We’re proud to provide our services across Louth, Lincoln, Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Grimsby, and other nearby areas.

Our friendly team are on hand to help if you have any questions or would like any further information. To get a secondary glazing quote, please complete our online contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

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