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Our strong uPVC windows are designed with highly durable materials, manufactured to suit any size or style that suits our homeowners. Offering impressive benefits, your new home improvement project will be of great value.


Let the outside world shine through with our uPVC windows in your home. 


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uPVC Windows


uPVC is an alternative to aluminium and hardwood timber, being a more cost effective option. The strength and affordability is what sets the material apart from others resulting in a widely used material. uPVC window frames’ incredible durability, adaptability, and low maintenance are due to their production utilising vinyl polymer, which is bonded to chlorine atoms, making them more durable than plastic and compatible with steel. 


Our uPVC windows won’t ever need to be stripped, sanded, painted, or varnished; all that’s required to maintain them in top shape and looking as new as the day they were installed is the occasional clean. Your new uPVC windows won’t require any maintenance in terms of time or money. 

Why Choose Spire Window Systems?

For more than 40 years, Spire Windows has produced and installed high-quality windows all around the area. We prioritise our consumers because we are a family-run business. Utilising our knowledge and experience, we assist clients in the areas of Grimsby, Doncaster, Louth, Lincoln and Scunthorpe.


Our welcoming staff will utilise their knowledge to assist you reach your goals, from design to survey, production to installation. The entire procedure will be handled by us, making it as hassle-free as possible. It is important to us what customers think and experience when choosing Spire Windows, we want to ensure your next project is handled in safe and professional hands!



At Spire Windows, we provide a range of uPVC windows that offer benefits that can last a lifetime. A simple change in materials to uPVC windows can transform your properties, with thermal insulation and strong, secure products. When choosing our uPVC windows, be sure to find thermal efficiency and highly secure property. We are proud of the products we manufacture to our customers. 


uPVC windows are highly weather resistant and won’t rot or decline in quality with the correct installation. The strength and resistance to adverse weather conditions is what make our uPVC windows superior, keeping your home comfortable and cosy all year round. Keep your properties protected and get the best benefits with our high standard products.

Highly Secure

With our premium quality uPVC windows, you can increase security and safety. By including safety elements, they provide improved strength and protection. Nothing less than the highest quality will be guaranteed for your project by our qualified team of installers. Upgrading to uPVC windows doubles your defence from the outside world, ensuring a cosy and secure environment is kept as one.

Thermal Efficiency

High performance double glazing is used in the construction of our uPVC windows to achieve the highest level of thermal efficiency. Our uPVC windows will function as a thermal barrier to assist in maintaining a constant and comfortable interior temperature all year long by retaining a pocket of warm air between the glass panes.

Made to Measure

Every house is distinct, and every homeowner has different expectations for the installation of new windows.For this reason, we provide a wide selection of designs, hues, and arrangements. Decorative glass installations and gorgeous ironmongery from our range will add the ideal finishing touch with our uPVC windows.


uPVC windows include a long life span with the correct maintenance and appropriately cared for. They are designed with a durable and low-maintenance material, making them a long-term investment. Our uPVC windows will aid in keeping the property dry and free of draughts even in the worst weather.

A world of colour

Not just available in standard white, our bow and bay windows can be customised to suit the feel of your home – as well as its colour scheme!

A world of colour

Trust Spire to manage your home improvement from start to finish


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Questions -

How do I inquire about your uPVC Windows? 

We operate a free online quoting tool for you to inquire about the product you are interested in allowing a quick and easy system to find out more! Additionally, you can contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members who are more than happy to help

Can uPVC windows be recycled? 

UPVC is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials now available when used properly, due to improvements in recycling and design innovation. Our uPVC windows materials effortlessly maintain the highest standards of sustainability.

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